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How check Network latency in response time degradation problem



hi DT community, pls guide me where we can see latency in response time degradation problem.

here in screenshot resp time is 19.75 s and  baseline showing 32.87ms so  how can check where response time is taking more also how can i check latency ?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Asha,

Your post here doesn't seem to have a picture attached so it will be a little difficult to assist. However, if this is in reference to a services response time, you can head over to the service page and graph different contributers to the service as shown in the following screenshot. You can also then open them in the data explorer to get a larger view of them. This should give you an idea of what has increased. You can also, from the service page, click on response time hotspots which should give you an idea of what's contributing the most.



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