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How come related services are not both connected to the application?



I see that there are services that are connected to each other, and yet one of them is connected to an application and the others are not.

For example, here only the "easyTravel Customer Frontend" service is connected to the EasyTravel application:

The other services it calls are not connected to the application at all:

Why are "JourneyService" and "easyTravel Business Database" not connected to the EasyTravel app?

I see the same issue with processes:



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I cannot see your pictures, but in general, in a multi-tiered architecture, there are calls from the web browser/mobile application to a web server, which then calls an app server, which then calls a database. Database calls cannot be made directly from a browser or from the web server. So what we are depicting is typical behavior in the real world and it is the way the calls actually flow in EasyTravel, picked up automatically by the monitoring software.

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