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How much time does Dynatrace take to update Server status after a migration on AppServer?


Does anyone know how much time Dynatrace takes to update Server status after migrating an AppServer to another machine with the same configuration (IP, FQDN, Name, etc)?

Here we took 1.5 days just to have server time updated. Is there any way to force an update on this info?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This depends, if this is custom metadata then it can take up to 10 mins. if this is is environment data passed via the host it could take hours for the data to update. Keep in mind the old method takes hours and is not really recommended.

For auto detection of the FQDN, it should populate fairly quickly once the oneagent process/service is restarted on the host.


you can also now use the oneagent CTL to make changes without the need of service recycling


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