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How to Monitor SAP ECC Modules such as FI/CO, MM, Payroll, OM/PA, etc.?


How do you specifically show availability, transactions and performance metrics in the context of the modules of SAP ECC ERP such as Finance and Controlling (FICO), Materials Mgmt (MM), Payroll, etc. The objective is to monitor the system in the context of business operations more than just the ABAP general performance. We have implemented SAP Plugin and installed OneAgent to the VMs of our SAP ERP. But we have yet to see and expose the performance in the context of the business modules of SAP.

Appreciate anyone's help.

Thanks a lot


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Please have a look at this blog: where my colleague shows up several dashboards that are available as examples. These dashboards are based on SAP GUI monitoring with the extension and they are based on grouping T-Codes into functional modules, exactly as you suggested.

If you are interested, contact your D1 specialist and that can arrange the example dashboards for you.

Thank you for your response Krzysztof. Appreciate it. Will go over the link.

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