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Spring application and service formation in Dynatrace

We are getting quite a lot of questions on our organization how Dynatrace is forming the services with spring applications. From our perspective it seems that Dynatrace is creating own service from each of our applications endpoints which is now causing some headache since we are familiar to think those applications as whole.

Dynatrace has detected this service as ExampleEndPoint but whenever this same application returns anything else but a JSON response which generates an error or exception, Dynatrace creates a new service ExampleEndPoint Web Application where all of the failed calls are gathered.

We are facing the same issue with many of our spring applications so therefore it also makes the monitoring quite tricky since the failed request are ending on the different service.

So how does the Dynatrace detect the spring applications and is there some way that we could form those services as single service? We have some applications which are having quite a many endpoints and currently it has been quite challenge since those all forming up as an own service (and you don't have any clue if your service is having some failed calls).


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Janne,

You can use the Service Detection API to form new Services. Please also have a look at the blog posts New Dynatrace API enhances automatic service detection and part 2 for some examples.

You could also make use of the Merged services section the UI Settings. However, I recommend to make use of the API for more consistent ruling.


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