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How to UNfilter in distributed traces?


In the distributed view, the search (Most recent trace) works fine and quick. For instance, it filters (or shows) all traces with my given pattern "actuator"...

What I would like now is to see all traces that DO NOT contain the search pattern .. so I tried something like "!actuator", and "not actuator"... is there any syntax to allow this?

How to suggest such an interesting feature?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Could you please share a screenshot? It would be helpful to know where "actuator" appears, if it is name, path...

Best regards

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Yes good idea .. 

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Best approach is to have either such requests muted or exclude them from monitoring completely.
Negative filtering is not available.

I typically exclude healthcheck requests types such as actuator from being monitored (the second option above).

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It seems a good idea, but I was speaking more generally... Health was a sample.. However I tried to mute .. it seems that I can't mute it (maybe because i am not admin)... 


I think an option to negate filters or regex pattern will be useful, and not only "contains".

I have just created that idea here. Maybe it might be useful for your scenario.

Best regards

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