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How to capture multiple call parameters in the same transaction method?


Hello Everyone,


We have a transaction that calls another service multiple times in the same request, and I want to grab the parameters passed on each call.

I now set the Request attributes to capture "Java method parameter", and I can successfully capture the parameters passed in the first call, but the parameters cannot be obtained in the second call. How can I do it to meet my needs? Does anyone have similar experience?


Thanks in advance,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@owen_chen You have set up the request attribute on the calling service? If you can't set up the request parameter on the called service, then it's probably a good way to set up a custom service in the calling process group on the same java class / method where you are already capturing the request attribute using the java method arguments. Then you will see each execution of the method separately having the request attribute value for each call.

You can also change the request attribute definition to capture more values (up to 10) - this may also work for your case, but you won't see the order of captured values.

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HI @Julius_Loman ,


Thank you for your reply.

I have set the request attribute on the calling service, I will try to define capture more values.

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