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How to check if Oneagent is reporting directly or via ActiveGate to my SAAS CLuster


Hello everyone,

how can i check in Dynatrace console that Oneagents are reportign via an ActiveGate or directly to SAAS cluster.


Himanshu Mor


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


documentation said:

“Once Environment ActiveGate connects to Dynatrace Server, installation is complete. As soon as Environment ActiveGate connects to Dynatrace Server, OneAgent is informed and re-configured to send monitoring data through Environment ActiveGate. To check on the status of the installation, click the Show deployment statusbutton and select the Dynatrace ActiveGates tab.“


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks @sebastian k. !

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

The only method is to check the agent logs or network connections (netstat / ss) to determine the actual connection. Normally as soon as ActiveGate is connected to the environment, a list of endpoint to connect to is updated and pushed to agents.

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Thanks @Július L. !

we are expecting that this information should be clearly visible on console like under deployment status. I will raise an idea for this


AFIK the best way is to check with ss (or netstat) the connected endpoints from the hosts itself.

From a Managed point of view, we had a few doubts if one of the Agents (in a far far away VLAN after a company Merge) connected to the EnvAG or to the ClusterAG... so we used ss to determine the actual connection...

Thanks @Dante P. !