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How to download agents through the Environment ActiveGate in the SaaS version?

Dear All,

Since I'm getting a little bit of mixed information I would like to have information from all of you guys about this topic.


We are using the SaaS version of Dynatrace and trying to figure out if we can download agents through the environment ActiveGate. I got information from the support that the environment ActiveGate does not contain the agent installation packages and therefore we can't download the agents through environment Activegate.

I know that this is possible in the Managed environment through the Cluster ActiveGates but seems that we can't make the agent download process through the environment ActiveGate.

Our case is that the monitored hosts do not have an internet connection and that's why we would like to route the download process through the environment ActiveGate. But if this is impossible we just need to think about another solution.

Just would like to have comments from the community if it is possible to download the agents through environment ActiveGate or not.







Hello Janne,

you should be able to download the agent from the internet and then transfer the file to your client/environment and continue with the installation.



Thank you for the suggestion @christian w. and we know this possibility also.

From our perspective it would actually be easier if we could route the agent download trough the ActiveGate than manually copying the installation packet to servers.

If the agent download cant be done trough the ActiveGate we just need to think about setting up proxy or something else.



This one should become a RFE and not only for SaaS


dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

I reckon the RFE should include, that if a certain network zone is selected in the OneAgent deployment screen of the UI, the address of the/an activegate in that zone is used in the command suggestion instead.

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Janne,

Yes, you are able to download an agent through the activegate if you have access from your local machine to the ActiveGate.

First go to the "Deploy Dynatrace" and "start installation" then select linux. Take the wget command it gives you and alter it with the activegate IP over port 999 (which is the default communication port). Your environment_ID can be gathered from your tenant URL (example: <environment_ID>

I believe that you should take your URL and make it look like this:

wget -O Dynatrace-OneAgent-Linux-<Version_here> "https://<ActiveGate_IP_Address:9999>/e/<environment_ID>/api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/unix/default/latest?arch=x86&flavor=default" --header="Authorization: Api-Token - xxxxx"

Make sure to add the /e/<environment_ID>

I just tested this on my SaaS environment and it works like a charm.



Hi @Dallas P.,

Thank you so much and you solved our case.

I totally forgot the environment ID from the URL and it's quite obvious that the download was not working without it. With the ID everything is working as expected with downloading the agents trough the ActiveGate.


Hey Janne,

Glad to help!


Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hi janne_olkoniemi, 

Note you can also do this on Windows with command prompt like this


powershell -command "[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri 'https://<EAG_IP>:9999/e/<Environment_ID>/api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/windows/default/latest?arch=x86&flavor=default' -Headers @{ 'Authorization' = 'Api-Token <PAAS_Token>' } -OutFile 'Dynatrace-OneAgent-Windows.exe'"


and if you want to ignore the certificate, put this in a .ps1 file lets call it Download_OneAgent.ps1


add-type @"
    using System.Net;
    using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;
    public class TrustAllCertsPolicy : ICertificatePolicy {
        public bool CheckValidationResult(
            ServicePoint srvPoint, X509Certificate certificate,
            WebRequest request, int certificateProblem) {
            return true;
[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::CertificatePolicy = New-Object TrustAllCertsPolicy;
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri 'https://<EAG_IP>:9999/e/<Environment_ID>/api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/windows/default/latest?arch=x86&flavor=default' -Headers @{ 'Authorization' = 'Api-Token <PAAS_Token>' } -OutFile 'Dynatrace-OneAgent-Windows.exe'


then execute it from the command line like this


powershell -command ".\Download_OneAgent.ps1"


Regards, Joe.

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