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service flow missing some parts



we are facing an issue with viewing the full-service flow on Dynatrace including IBM DataPower and IBM MQ, these third devices are monitored using Dynatrace Extension with OneAgent installed on all servers.

is there any solution for that, i have opened a support case with Dynatrace regarding this, and they informed us that the current scenario is not applicable on Dynatrace at this moment.

case ID #231593


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @mqushair,

Your application servers should be instrumented properly with oneagents. Trace information are captured on application server process and service side (eg. MQ transactions, Database transactions). 

MQ, Datapower, Database extesnions collect infra / operation metrics only not trace information.

Oneagent installation on MQ and Datapower servers are not required (but recommended infra only mode) because Active Gate can collect remotely eg. the MQ or Datapower extension metrics, but in this case you will have extra DDU consumption.

So that is why I always install oneagents in infra only mode on MQ servers and collect the operational metrics with oneagent without extra DDU consumption.


Small trace example with consume and produce messages and trancfer via IBM MQ.


I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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