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How to install OneAget on IBM i ?


Hi Team,


We have application running on IBM i (formerly iSeries/ AS400) 7.1 & we want to monitor Journal(Application transaction) data like error details .


Can we install OneAgent on IBM i system?

If yes then how?


Thanks & Regards,



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @jalpeshs,


We can not install OneAgent on IBM because we only support OneAgent installation on supportable operating systems - please refer to Dynatrace OneAgent supported OS


For monitoring IBM I System technology, we recommend using an ActiveGate extension. Consider an extension as a plugin to fetch more data that is not monitored out of the box. Find the following document which will share some light on the pre-requisites needed for this installation:

IBM I monitoring | Prerequisites


I see that you are mainly after application transaction data, I would also recommend going through the following metrics which share the observability data for IBM I System:

IBM I monitoring | Metrics


With OneAgent monitoring other components of the application, Dynatrace would be able to show the interaction of other entities (such as service calls/ API) within the environment.


Kind regards,

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