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How to monitor Azure Container Apps with Dynatrace?


Azure Container Apps is a relatively new fully managed serverless container service in Azure. 

How can it be monitored with Dynatrace?


Hi @shawnz88 

Azure Container Apps is part of Container Services.
To monitor basic metrics, you can use, for example,

It's worth verifying that you can install OA on the container as you can with AKS 🙂



Have a nice day!

@shawnz88 I have been keeping my eye on this topic for a while.

You can bake the oneagent into your dockerBuild file to get service level insights and the rest of the OA feature set

As for monitoring the ACA infrastructure/runtime this has been asked of from both Microsoft and Dynatrace. Currently the Azure set of Dynatrace, last I checked, didn't have the option to pull in the MS telemetry for the underlying ACA-Env/containers. I am also not sure how it will deal with logging as the default is to ship them to a Log analytics workspace.


You can monitor it by installing the OA inside of the container (dockerfile), but there are some limitations / challenges.

  • You can't Customize OneAgent installation (ex host groups, custom properties, custom hostnames, etc)
  • agent tools (ex oneagentctl) are not included in the installation => you won't be able to use them.
  • Making customisation in the Dynatrace UI after deployment is only a temporary solution => containers are immutable so everytime you make a change it will create a completely new container and this container will be detected as a new host in dynatrace.
  • Only global dynatrace settings will apply to your container hosts => all other changes you will lose when the container is killed and a new one created, because it is a completely new host. 
  • Because Dynatrace creates a new host for each individual container, it becomes more difficult to keep track of everything neatly. Containers are relatively short living especially if you have automatic up-downscaling.

Monaco could be a possible solution to keep your config, but I still need to test this.
An other possible solution is executing a custom script in you pipeline after container deployment to set settings (using dynatrace API) .

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