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How to set request naming - generate clean URLs?


I have a question about how Generate clean URLs work, what do I do to delete the numbers: example:

I need to delete my URL number: https://.../entrega-identificador/v1/entrega-identificador/pedido-entrega/89

which are referent to the indeterminacy IDs of my client, but these numbers do not interest me and I would like to take them from my monitoring so that I can know the time for requesting services from me.
I am a layman in web programming and I do not know what is this Reagex



Hello Felipe,

I will give an example - perhaps it will help.

You have:

and you need to delete 112412-ID.

You can add this rule:

After enabling you got

Page url

Resulted page URL:*/do_this.jsp


you need use this rule:


I hope it will help. If not - specify what needs to be excluded.



Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for the tip. It worked out the way you mentioned it, because I ended up finding another problem. so with your hint and some quick research I ended up using this metric from Reagex \ d + [0-9].
anyway I appreciate it. because without your tip I would not even know where to start!

I know it's been a while this was posted, but where exactly do I perform this setting?

Hello Gustavo,

You need go to Service settings > web request names



Thanks for the reply, I sort of found it under clean up URL rules, but I was looking for the "replace with" functionality which doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Do you still have the option on SaaS?

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