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How to upgrade Dynatrace version on Solaris box


Hi, I have few solaris boxes which are running this older version of Dynatrace I want to upgrade them to v1.191.

Is there any guide to do that?

Can i just download the version, explode it and then point the instance in my script like below to the newer version?
Also will it require the server restart?


export DT_HOME


export LD_PRELOAD_64

If someone can advice on the guide, it will be highly appreciated.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Good morning!

The following is how I do it:

  1. Download the latest version to each server at the path where the OneAgent is currently installed.
  2. I decompress the package using unzip -o <NAME OF ONEAGENT PACKAGE>
    1. This overwrites all of the current OneAgent files with new ones
  3. Remove downloaded OneAgent zip file

NOTE: Make sure you do this as the same user that installed the OneAgent originally.

To answer your question on restart, in order for anything new within the OneAgent to be used, it does require that the apps using it be restarted at least at some point.

You notice I do not stop anything ahead of time or even restart after for that matter.

I have found that doing it this way in a multi-team environment allows teams to pickup the new abilities of the OneAgent on their own schedule when they restart their apps. Basically, it just all happens in the background for them without even thinking about it.

I am sure there are many ways people do this, but this is how I have done it from day 1. Soon I will be adding this to Puppet so that it is automated.

Hope that helps! 🙂

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