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How to use dynatrace ingest format?


Hello everyone.


I have a question. Can I set unitDisplayFormat in default metrics or transfer through ingest protocol to dynatrace?


With aprreciation, Kirill Sverchkov.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

No, you can't change metric metadata for builtin (default) metrics. You can just change it for custom metrics.

PD: I don't think this question belongs to the section Synthetic Monitoring 😄

Can you tell me, how can I change it for the custom metrics?

PD: Oh, excuse me, that I have put it to the section synthetic monitoring 😯

You need to create a settings object via the API with the schema ID builtin:metric.metadata.

You can also change custom metric metadata via the UI, but not the field unitDisplayFormat. If you ever need to, you just search for your metric on the Metrics section of Dynatrace, and click directly on Edit metadata:




Thanks for the notice. Post moved to Open Q&A

Antonio Sousa

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