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I'm unable to access my registation code for email confirmation


When I'm trying to access the registation code for my email confirmation , It's showing that unable to process and the code you have entered is not match with your email.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Nirakarchanda,


How long after registration did you try the validation? It's possible that the confirmation link/code is only valid for a certain period of time and that the validation code has expired...I've been part of the community since the age of the dinosaurs 😅 so I haven't done registration recently, hence I could be wrong here 😉

If you tried to validate shortly after registration, then I can't help, but perhaps one of the Community team members @Karolina_Linda @AgataWlodarczyk @MaciejNeumann, or @Michal_Gebacki can assist you?

Community Team
Community Team

I'm sorry we missed that one. For Community questions, we recommend posting them in the Community discussions 🙂


It looks like, for some reason, you're using an old registration method which shouldn't be a case anymore. 


Basically, if you’re a Dynatrace SaaS user, you get access to Community by default and can access all forums immediately.

If you’re a Dynatrace Managed user, the access to Community depends on the settings on the Managed cluster. You can get access either automatically upon your first login to the Managed cluster or the invite must be sent manually by a cluster administrator.

Keep calm and build Community!

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