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I was told Dynatrace no longer has full stack code analysis, is that true?



New dynatrace user here coming over from appmon. Got it installed, (not managed, we are hosting) and configured but am seeing

1) Intermittent code levels, some just say web request others have a something of a stack trace
2) the stack traces I do see only have Synchonous invocation, being request, asynchronous invocation, etc. I don't see any of my code.

When I asked support they said it doesn't do that.

Is that true? I find that hard to believe that they'd abandon that.

Thank you


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dynatrace does still support the same "code level analysis" features appmon did and makes it even easier. You don't have to add an agent per technology (Webserver/Java/.NET/...) like you had to with AppMon.

After OneAgent installation and a restart of the processes to be monitored you should see the same details as with AppMon. Still, a lot of things are different with dynatrace and it might take some time getting used to it.

For each of your monitored process you should have one or more services in dynatrace, that will allow you to drill down to the PurePath level you know from AppMon. Keep in mind though, that services only show up if they had traffic in the selected timeframe.

This separation into services, based on the technology, might be why you see only web requests for some calls, where nothing happens in the background. You should see async invocations aswell if you are looking at the correct PurePaths.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

Thanks for the reply. We are a .net shop so there's not mixing of tech here and I'm instrumenting a website with our code running in it. I've got this set up on in a test environment with 300 requests per min hitting it.

If this is supposed to be work automatically something must be blocking it.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey Matt,

Are you migrating this specific application from Appmon to Dynatrace?

.Net applications are a little peculiar when it comes to code level monitoring as they generally are built with non standard libraries.

At this point are you at least seeing the 300 requests per minute under the transactions & services section? I'll try to help you out on how to get the "code level" monitoring you are expecting.



Hey Dallas,

Yes, we're migrating from appmon to dynatrace. I am seeing the request and am now seeing code level but I'm only seeing framework code, I'm not really seeing namespace and methods from my code base.

In appmon, this came down to sensors, doesn't dynatrace have that concept?


What Dashboard are you using to look at the code level?

You can't configure Sensors with Dynatrace like you did in AppMon. You can use Custom Services to create new Services, which is like Sensors for custom entry points in AppMon. There also are Request Attributes, which are like Measures in AppMon, but you don't have to / cant create the sensors for those manually.

So if you just want to know in which PurePath/where a certain method occured and what a argument/return value was use a request attribute.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

I've been just drilling down from Transactions and getting to pp from there.

I just learned about Custom Services yesterday and am going to try them out today. I am hoping that I can just instrument the entry point and not every single method everywhere. The ui doesn't lend itself to doing that proficiently though maybe there's an api for that.

In appmon we turned off autosensors and did just that, only included what we wanted and excluded the rest. That UI made it incredibly easy to do.

I'll check out Request attributes thank you.

In appmon one of our favorite charts was queries per request. We can look back over a years time and see the trend for are adding more queries per request or less. This is a good indication of how our code base is trending, are we getting more or less chatty with the db. I'm assuming something like that can be recreated in dynatrace, what are your thoughts on that?

That unfortunately is not an Option in dynatrace. If the entrypoints to not work for you, you could have a look at the SDK an instrument what you want with that though.

You can build such a chart in dynatrace as well, there is a metric called "Number of calls to databases" you can use for that.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

I'm discovered that (thing about hte entry point ) yesterday. Theres got to be a better more automated way to have my code instrumented.

We have over 27,000 classes in our code base so using the web UI to do that would be prohibitive not to mention the bi-monthly releases we have where theres new code and refactored existing code. Maintenance would be a nightmare.

I've a ticket open and I was told we'll meet with the Services team so I'm awaiting for that to happen.

Yes, there is, like I mentioned you can use the OneAgent SDK to instrument it in your code.

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

Not applicable

@matt S. You could also use the API and not the UI.

Is not perfect but you could automate the creation.

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