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IBM i time monitoring window



I need to monitoring scheduled job running in IBM i but just for a time windows, i.e. from Monday  to Friday during working hours (08:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M.) 

Is it possible with DYNATRACE and Active Agent? 


Best regards.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @jlopez24 

In my experience there are three ways to approach this.
1. start monitoring IBM components and set Maintenance Window (Disable problem detection) to hours when you do not want to monitor these components.
2. the second solution is to automate the enabling and disabling of the agent using system cron. You can use the stop/start commands.
3. you can use the REST API to enable and disable OneAgents.

I hope I have helped.


Have a nice day!


Thanks a lot Radek,


May be i didn't explain right myself. Lets take an example:

JOB1 should run 7x24 cause it's monitoring an essential service, but JOB2 should only monitoring from Monday to Friday (lets forget the hours) and both jobs should be running together (in the allowed date of JOB2) so I think your options 1 and 2 are not useful for my case. May be the third would work, buy you mention OneAgent, and  we're using ActiveGate.

Sorry for all my questions but I'm a newcomer with Dynatrace

Thanks in advanced,


I understand that you are now using the IBM i plugin for IBM monitoring?
Tell me why you want to disable monitoring at given times in that case? Is it about DDU licence usage?

I haven't come across disabling AG, but I suspect you need to stay on disabling the application process using cron.
For example changing the configuration in, but I don't recommend this.

extension_controller_enabled = false


Have a nice day!

Hi Radek,

Now we're using HP-OVO to monitoring ours IBM i, and my company will go to DynaTrace soon. 

Lets me give you a practical example to understand our scenario:

My customer is an On-line Bank (Banking service is delivering 7x24) and during the production night Batch switch the service to another  IBM i. Meanwhile  in the production machine main service turn off.

We're monitoring this services in both systems. HP-OVO allow us the set up monitoring  hours (in our case for production system, from 02:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M.) and, in the others hours not monitoring these services (jobs)

The same happens  in the secondary machine, but it's monitoring only from 11:01 P.M to 01:59 A.M. The rest of the time monitoring is off


Sure, I understand what you want to achieve 🙂 Apart from what I wrote above, I don't see any other way to disable the monitoring implemented by the extension to ActiveGate. You will simply have no data when the server is shut down, and if you have metrics alerting configured in Dynatrace then DavisAI will learn this application behaviour.

You can also ask support - maybe they have a way;)


Have a nice day!

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