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IIS Module Insights, Advantages and disadvantages?


Hi, Seems there is no documentation available for IIS Module Insights. The following link do not have much information about IIS Module insights Link here 


I have a few questions. Appreciate if someone help with the answers. 

  1. What advantages we will have by enabling the IIS Module insights? Please share if you have an example to show the difference
  2.  Seems by enabling this, following will be removed. I am not sure what exactly it means. "Removes specific process group settings"
  3. Enabling this feature will add additional overhead on Application/Service Performance?
  4. If I enable IIS Module insights, am I going to see additional info related IIS modules addition to what it showing before enabling the Toggle or some details it used to show will be missed?Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 4.24.34 PM.png

TIA, Suresh.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion



To me the main advantage is the ability to see if any of the IIS modules is the one causing delays. This could be session management, authentication, cache or any other module. without this you will only see time wasted on "IIS internals" and this would mean nothing to you.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have had some use cases with IIS Module Insights:

  • Figuring out how much resources were being used by compression module
  • Finding out an issue where global.asax was being used inefficiently
  • Finding a custom developed module that was causing problems
Antonio Sousa

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