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In Synthetic monitor, what is the download/upgrade speed and latency that each bandwidth throttle option emulates?



There are the bandwidth throttleing options in Synthetic setting screen.
Such as DSL, GPRS, Good 2G, Good 3G, Not throttling, Regular 2G, Regular 3G, Regular 4G, Wifi.

Could you tell me how much bandwidth is emulated by each option?
More specifically, I would like to know about the download speed, upgrade speed, and latency that each option reproduces.

I have found the information about Synthetic Classic.
I would like to know the same information for Synthetic of Dynatrace.

Thanks, Noah


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Noah,

These are the bandwidths (Download, Upload, Latency) we simulate.

  • GPRS (50 kb/s, 20 kb/s, 500ms RTT)
  • Regular 2G (250 kb/s, 50 kb/s, 300ms RTT)
  • Good 2G (450 kb/s, 150 kb/s, 150ms RTT)
  • Regular 3G (750 kb/s, 250 kb/s, 100ms RTT)
  • Good 3G (1 Mb/s, 750 kb/s, 40ms RTT)
  • Regular 4G (4 Mb/s, 3 Mb/s, 20ms RTT)
  • DSL (2 Mb/s, 1 Mb/s 5ms RTT)
  • WiFi (30 Mb/s, 15 Mb/s, 2ms RTT)

Kind regards,

Thank you for your answer!

It's very helpful!

and how much is "no throttling" from the US locations?

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello @Philipp_Kastner , 


I was also curious on what the bandwidth speed is for a "non throttling" option is for US locations. 


Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you

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