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Infrastructure Monitoring with just Custom metrics


Hi all ,

Our client would like to monitor their hosts without consuming infrastructure monitoring license, they would like to do that by just consuming custom metrics license (for exm; CPU/memory/disk usage or network connectivity etc.), Is this possible ?

I looked at the Dynatrace documents, i found something that called timeseries API, there are many available metrics, you can look below. Is this the way to do it ?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Yes, you can create custom network device and push there metrics using api. You have to define those metrics and write scripts that will collect them on hosts and sent them to DT using api. This will work but never be as useful as OneAgent

Regards, Sebastian

Thanks for your answer. Can't we do that without writing script ? the first question is that. The second question is if we write a script that collects all metrics from server and then post these to DT through API, how can we schedule it ? If the OS is linux, it can be crontab ?

No you cannot use OneAgent to collect metrics without host unit consumption. Script can be scheduled in crontab to fetch metrics every minute and then send them to DT. But you have to deal with retries when network problems will interrupt sending data etc. In general it may cost much work.


Regards, Sebastian

OK, got it. Thank you Sebastian.

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