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Intercepting Traffic from ActiveGate to Mission Control with Proxy



We're trying to capture communication between ActiveGate to mission control in our SaaS environment.

Referring from this thread:

We configured common CA with the proxy (MITM) and added to ActiveGate trusted store

and set for proxy configuration (simple scenario) like in below documentation

Checked on the log we have both CA and proxy configured for the ActiveGate, also the proxy is working for other purposes. However we didn't catch any traffic from ActiveGate.

Is this the right way to intercept the traffic communication to mission control (specifically for SaaS), and is there any way we can have some outgoing traffic from ActiveGate to verify the setup?

Thank you


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Described approach should work as you expect. All upstream traffic should go through your proxy. Have you restarted ActiveGate service?

On the other hand, there is no communication between ActiveGate and Mission Control in SaaS as this component simply doesn't exist there. The only communication is between AG and the SaaS cluster where customer environment is placed.

Yes it's restarted already and yes sorry I mean to the SaaS cluster.

We don't have remote cloud environment to monitor also, so solely to the SaaS cluster but currently nothing is captured. If the AG has specific need to call to the cluster maybe we can confirm if the setup is working properly.

it works, need to zoom in the details. Thanks

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