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Network Device topology

Does Dynatrace maps devices discovered via SNMP extensions on the smartscape topology or service flow?
Is any relation created between a network device and other entities?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I have never tried it or explore it but looks like a use case for Custom topology model.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Topology is included in the SNMP v2 extensions from Dynatrace. Basically, it associates interfaces with the respective devices.

I have not seen yet relationships between a network device and other entities. It would be great if interfaces could de joined/related when they are part of o point-to-point link, as they are in dedicated network monitoring solutions, but most of the times this is done with proprietary solutions, that only work for devices of a certain vendor.

I did see at Perform that a lot of work is being done at the network level. And I believe incorporating this information into the Dynatrace topology model might be something that me be coming in the future...



Antonio Sousa

@AntonioSousa relations between entities created using the custom topology model (Extensions 2.0) and built-in entities are not yet present and AFAIK are being worked on. With Custom Devices (Legacy Extenions 1.0) the relations are created based on opaque services and based on IP addresses - a service created on top of the custom device.

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