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Is OneAgent Event name max length 250? How to work around? iOS


I'm using the reportEvent API of iOS ( It gets logged on the web dashboard under User Sessions ("User action analysis"), but the event name value is seemingly maximalized to 250 characters.

1.)Is this just a display issue (bug?), or

2.) a display max length on this screen ("User action analysis") is set, but somewhere else can be checked, or

3.) I should use some other reporting API (value?) for longer strings?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


this is a defined size limit - the answer is in the documentation you linked and is same for actions and events:
For a mobile custom action or a mobile autogenerated user action, the maximum name length is 250 characters
So the only workaround is to adapt the reported string to contain the necessary information in those 250 characters

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