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Is it any ready to go library with Monaco DTO Yamls + JSONs (Java, python, js)


Is it any ready to go library with Monaco DTO Yamls + JSONs (Java, python, js)
to build logic on the top of data need to parse yamls + jsons and than manipulate with data

so I am looking for Serialization/DeSerialization wrappers

Something similar to competitors:


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think that no. Do you have a more specific use case as an example?

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- sycronise and compare different configuration, reporting
manual parsing is simple but boring

So actually you are looking for a library to help you manage the monaco project files? Afaik there is no such library.

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Not for managing, every will have own use cases.
but publish and update(as APIs are chnaging and updating)

POJO/DTOs this something that indeed is in dynatrace code already on server side. 
(It is common practice for Serialization/DeSerialization API requests/responses)

So it looks like need to expose for public use as separate module

Dynatrace moves from APIs to Settings for configuration, and that is designed to be stable as opposed to Configuration API. I'm still lost when it comes to use cases which you want to solve.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Settings are the same...
It just a bit more traversing for now to get all context in comparison to heavy "all-in" API.


Some usesaces I am doing regular wiuth scripts on the top of JSONs:

I want to sync all my prod applications for sessions replays 
I want to sync dev app properties to prod
I want to sync prod app properties to dev
I want to see the diff in session replay across all my uat app.

All of this required parsing.

When you have ready to go DTO, POJOs - You dont need to parse anything.
Just load JSON and convert to Object -> manipulate with data easy and with confidence.
Build any logic you want in 5 min with confindence on data structure and data types (ok let's skip data types for vanila JS fans 😉

This is how works 90% of servers and services.

If you want do something more reliable rather than ad-hoc non-prod script - there are not so much options in comparison to Data Object apporach...

I dont know how explain more clear.
If dynatrace use Kotlin(
- the common way here is Data classes, it was killer feature in early releases in comparison to Java 8.
But the sense of this is in the next: If you already using data classes why not expose it for public use?

PS I used some time ago competitor example:
This is really "configuration as code"

Nothing out-of-the-box. Maybe you can raise a product idea about it.

I would say using a distributed version control (Git) for config files and develop your custom solution by yourself.

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