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Is possible to split services automatically detect by Dynatrace?


I deployed OneAgent on two different layer of webserver (nginx): first one is the presentation layer (4 hosts) and the second one is the backend layer (other 4 hosts).

Detected service is only one (NGINX on port 443) but I need to split that in two different service i.e Nginx Frontend and Nginx Backend in order to reach best representation on dashboard side.

Did you ever done this trick?

Thank in advance!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @davide s.,

how looks your process group? If you see only one process group nginx it is possible that those services are binded into one. In such way I suggest using environment variables to split those process groups based on their role and then services should also be separated.


Regards, Sebastian

Yes, I see just one process group "nginx". Ok I will do this condifguration on hosts. Thanks a lot!

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