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Is there a way to monitor a host that monitoring has been disabled for a long time?


We installed OneAgent on a host in our production environment and after a few weeks of monitoring we disabled it. Time has passed and the host is no longer visible in our Hosts view in Dynatrace. Since it is no longer visible, there doesn't appear to be a way to re-enable monitoring from the UI.

Is there a way to enable monitoring remotely, or does the OneAgent need to be reinstalled on that host?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Did you try changing your time range to an earlier time to see if the host would show up again?

Thank you. Didn't think about doing that.

Hi all,

How does it goes? I faced the same problem as well in one of my customer few months ago.

Changing the time range as Joseph suggested did reveal the data. But the button to re-enable back the monitoring seemingly still doesn't appear.


This is what I did. I went to my hosts screen, and changed the time span. I found the host that wasn't being monitored, and clicked on it. The enable Dynatrace OneAgent button was located on the right hand upper corner. Is this the same steps that you used?

Oh, I totally forgot that this is also another way =='.

I thought the only way are to toggle the switch at 'settings' or 'deployment status'

Thanks for the clarification guys. Appreciate it.

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