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It is possible to set same Web server name - Apache tomcat


I have two identical servers. App server - apache tomcat.

It is fully identical.

First server was added at OA version ~150

Last server was added at OA version ~210


All of my App servers are in ONE Process GROUP.

For Custom service - everything is fine.

For automatic web request service - it is PAIN.


For first service - web server name is "" for OLD server.

For second service - web server name is "Catalina/" for NEW server.

Can I with some DT_ environment variables say to OA define correct web server?

I have billion settings: key requests, API integrations, naming rules, dashboards  for my OLD service.


I want to have both servers on ONE service as I have for Custom service type.


Please, help me with this problem.








DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi Alexander,

Have you tried with setting a Custom service naming rule?


See: Service naming rules | Dynatrace Documentation
"Dynatrace automatically detects and names your applications’ server-side services based on basic properties of your application deployment and configuration. Built-in rules define these names. These properties and the resulting service names should be intuitive to you because they reflect your service landscape. Still, you might want to customize these names. Custom service naming rules enable you to enhance automated service naming."

Maybe another brute method would be re-installing OA on the old server?

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner

Big thanks for reply.

Yes, I think your method will work. 

It is good if you want to lose 2-3 working weeks to migrate settings, due to the absence of templates in Dynatrace... But I have no this time.


Why we have no elementary documentation about this case. Why?


Is there ANY DT_ environment variable as DT_CLUSTER_ID - to change  web server name to correct value? 





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