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JVM environment monitoring with Dynatrace


ive been reading this article about java memory mangement,

i am really intrested to see what OOTB monitoring does dynatrace provide for JVM enviornments, i do see bits of JVM monitoring GC, etc, however my question is 


is there a standard dashboard OOTB that does all the JAVA stuff, EDE, young, heap etc GC and CPU etc i wud have though its someting that dynatrace would have built in?

if there is none of this stuff what bout other ways to see all of this stuff, when i do create a dashboard i get minimal options however there is JVM metrics i can see,  anyone else done this before?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

There is no standard OOTB dashboard that contains all of that information AFAIK; however, this is available under the Overview of the Process that has the JVM's in question. (All of the tabs below the Process selected should show you the JVM metrics.)

In terms of creating a dashboard, it is possible for you to create something that contains metrics that Dynatrace natively collects. That information can be found here:

You can simply configure those metrics in the Data Explorer, then pin them to a dashboard. Links below are for Data Explorer & Dashboarding:

Data Explorer:


Dynatrace ACE Services Consultant

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