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Logs Not Available for Management Zone level


Hi everyone,


The problem is Logs not available for MZ level.

MZ level contains Access Environment, and View Logs

Inside the MZ, I have specified 

  • Aws Account ID equals 
  • Entities matching type("host"), entityName.startsWith("foobar")
  • Entities matching type("Service")
  • Web applications where name contains "hello"

Using the preview, appeared on Aws Account ID with type AWS Lambda Function

Also, Entities matching type ("Service"), <Lambda name> in <region>, type RPC service


Now, when I go to Applications & Microservices > Services > {Lambda name} in {region} > Related Logs

It's missing the logs. Only when I gave Environment level : Access Environment and View logs, the logs appears.

Any ideas why?


Thank you


Best Regards,




Hey Abnerlusung i sugest you to read this page of documentation


Management zones are an information-partitioning mechanism that allow you to focus on specific parts of your topology. You can customize a management zone to include a specific set of monitored entities via management-zone rules. Use one of these two methods to analyze logs generated by a management-zone entity.

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