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Key Request Response time breakdown



I am trying to get performance number of key requests. I see we can get key request response time using servicemethod timeseries. I have few questions

1- is there way to get response time breakdown by all services that are involved in a particular key request? e.g. HomePage Key request calls ->service1(content) and service2(nav service). I want to know response time of Homepage to be broken down by contribution of service1 and service2. [aggregate response of service1/2 will have mix of load from other keyrequests]

2- we are trying capture service method response time for request attribute[ created based on X-dynatrace header e.g. Homepage Hits timer is marked as x-dynatrace:NA=S01: Homepage,PC=index.asp]. Now since we already have Key request for Homepage, we are not able to mark S01: Homepage as key requests so that we can pull timeseries data from S01: homepage

Please let me know if anyone have solve this usecase.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Im pretty sure you can see this at the code level and transaction level if you marked them as key requests.


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