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Key requests filtering is not possible with bg-deploy



After we have changed our deployment to bg-deploy, the key requests that were defined in our Dynatrace environment have stopped functioning, because they depend on the service Id, which changes every deployment.

Therefore, we request that the key requests will be based on the service name instead of the Id.

Kindly assist



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I moved this to the Dynatrace Open Q&A because service detection is not related to or handled by extensions.

Key requests have to be associated with a single service and service names are not guaranteed to be unique, so grouping them by a service name is not an option. You may need to look at some of the service detection options that are available to find a way of ensuring that new services are not detected in such scenarios where you would prefer to keep them the same.


Hi James,

We have a service naming rule, which aggregates all the blue-green services to a single service. Hence, we were expecting that the key request feature will work, because the service name is unique. The filtering is important for us, because we need to opt-out irrelevant customer-related info.

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