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MTTR and MTTI Calculations


Has someone been able to identify a metric using available list of problems and their start and End times to create a Metric for MTTI and MTTR.

These are key performance indicators for some of our clients and it would be great if Dynatrace can provide OOTB for such metrics and ability to segment by Application, Problem type, Management one et cetera.

I believe since problems have metadata as Start Time and End-time, a simple aggregation of the summating of the difference between start and end time based on a particular time period and divided by number of Problems within the same period would be MTTR as the Quotient. Unfortunately Metrics Explorer only has List of Problems and no Start and End times to achieve this.

Let me know if someone has been able to accomplish this and if Dynatrace is looking at providing this OOTB

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DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @echwallah,

I think there is not OOTB solution for your request. You have to make calculations based on Problem APIv2 data. We do this at our customers in PowerBI. If you want you can send back these information to DT as a custom metric.


I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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Thanks for this @Mizső Am not familiar extensively with PowerBI and the API calls..Just worked on very simple ones.

Could you possibly share to me the Queries you are using to pull this and generate this view that I can adapt to the environment using PowerBI. I know this is a huge ask but this would help greatly n initiating the discussion on capability with the client..

Am sure it will be just a matter of changing the Environment URL and the Access Token with the right scope

My email

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WoW! This is quite an integration!

Antonio Sousa

In theory I still think this does not require a third party platform like PowerBI. Dynatrace has Start times and End Times of all detected problems and related MetaData. MTTD and MTTR are metrics that can be constructed from Data Explorer filtering by different dimensions

Dynatrace Certified Associate

Hi @AntonioSousa,

It was the base and we have modified it with other functions.


Dynatrace Community RockStar 2024, Certified Dynatrace Professional

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