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Maintenance Window for Custom Events?


Any plans to expand maintenance windows to accept custom events? We have a use case where a custom event should only be active during certain hours of the day, twice a week. We currently have written a python script to pull down the config of the custom event then post it back, only modifying it to be disabled. Then we do the reverse when it needs to be enabled.


Ideally i would love to have this baked into the product instead of keeping up what we have running external to dynatrace.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I recommend tossing in a RFE for this, but then again, Events don't qualify as problem alerts. Events are informative. 


Maybe I'm not following the term 'events' here. Your comment below, in our org these custom events (for alerting, maybe I wasn't clear before) very much create problems should the threshold breach and are more than just informative for us, they help alert us of current issues that are occurring.


Events don't qualify as problem alerts




Can you share the link to the RFE if it has been created?


Thanks. Tibebe

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

you can also raise the as an idea in product idea section.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro



On what is the custom event for alerting configured? If the entity that the custom event is reporting on is in a maintenance window mode then you should not receive an alert for it. Custom devices can also be put in a maintenance window.



Before the custom database queries extension was released for public use, we were using our own homegrown method to query databases and ingest that metric into dynatrace. There has been multiple times the application team was taking a planned outage for their database and wanted us to suspend the alerting for the custom event for alerting that was tied to that ingested metric.


+1 definitely!!!