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Management Zone Rule - AWS supporting Services - custom device group and custom devices




I would like management zone (MZ) assigned to a custom device group (for example AWS Amazon MQ) if there are custom devices under the same group that belong to the device group.


Example:  assume MQ instances with  MZ=1 and MZ=2 but not MZ=3.

What I would like to see is MZ=1 and MZ=2 added to the group (Amazon MQ), not MZ=3.

Currently, all MZs are added to the group whether the any MQ instance assigned an MZ or not. Otherwise, MZ scoped user cannot see the device group (AWS supporting services in this case). 


Ideally, since groups are a special case, a built-in roll-up of MZs from instances to the group would be ideal. Or have a way of accomplishing the same using entitySelector. I could not figure out how.


Any suggestions?


Thanks. Tibebe





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should be able to do this via tags and naming rules to say what one its part of VS not part of. Could you share with us what you have and maybe an image of the properties for one of the entities?


A basic Example is the Name of the Entity so SQLDB1 and SQLDB2 You can use multi rules or a regex rule to say only entities that have start with SQL, and end with DB1 go to the DB1 MZ, Where the other one will be entities that have start with SQL, and end with DB2, or you can say, dont end with DB1 and it will add the rest together minus the DB1 



Hi Chad,


Thanks for looking into. 

I probably did not making it clear when I stated "rollup"

the custom devices are already tagged with 5 standard tags. As you know their could be thousands of devices in a custom device group. Yes, I can manually tag the custom device group(s) looking at each device in the group and extract unique tag values to add to the corresponding device group tag. 

example device group tags:  

* department: 1, department: 2 etc... because more than once department have instances in this specific group (e.g. Amazon MQ).

* function:1, function:2, etc... 


so rollup of MZ made sense to me so I do not have to tag every group manually (some sort of external tool to do so). Manually on UI is unthinkable


Note that we have multiple tenants in the the same environments -- MZ represents tenant.


Thanks. Tibebe





To address this tagging 

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