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Management zone dimensional rule for METRIC where METRIC_KEY begins with 'built' confusing problem view


Hi guys,

We split our environment into management zones and everything looks great, just Problems view sometimes spill and show not only information from the MZ i.e. we see in MZ A problems from other MZs.
For example when filtering problems to MZ A we see problem regarding service error rate on service that is not belong to MZ A.
We play around and viewed this problem from other MZs and we saw that the common ground here is that all the MZs that granted view to Dimensional rule for METRIC where METRIC_KEY begins with 'built' are showing the problem although its not belong to them and we guess this is the root cause here.
We added this metric view to those MZs in order to give the users using the MZ the ability to see metrics information in dashboards.

So our request here is to get your insight with how to place MZ in a way that it will include only its problems or how to grant view metric option to MZ which will not include in Problems.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I recommend using MZs per application. This way its generic to the entire app but then you can use filters to get more specific on those entities. For Example MZ: EasyTravelPD - then the user can filter on all the PD Environments, such as PD1, PD2, etc... but its isolated everything to the app. So when there is an issue with the App or any entity associated with the app, it gets alerted out from there and you able to see the entire app. You can then also create special use case MZs, to say ALL_Billing_PD, so all your Apps that support billing say EasyPay, WirePay, etc... Thats just how I recommend doing the design. 



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