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Managment Zone Best Practises with LDAP


Hi We have couple of question with respect to using Management Zone Feature with LDAP

1) Currently We are using internal authenticated UI login , we are planning to use external authentication using ldap . In that scenario how the management zone feature will work

2) We have multiple application and we want to segregate the access for each user on the basis of management zone .Their will be so many groups we need to create in ldap how to address this concern.

3) We are not able to query nested groups from ldap . Is this product limitation.

4) Wild card is not supported in user query . Is this product limitation.


Anyone from STAFF to clarify point 3?

Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter

@Prashant S.,

ad 1. Management zones should work exactly in the same way with LDAP and with internal database.

ad 2. I would need more details what you actually plan to do.

ad 3. You should be able to query nested groups from LDAP, please verify your LDAP configuration.

ad 4. Which wildcards do you have problems with? They should be supported.



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