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Memory dump storage location on LINUX


One of our monitoring users has complained that memory dumps are being stored to /var/log/oneagent/memorydump/ rather than to a directory under the location to which we installed the agent. I.e., we installed to =/app/dynatrace/ and it was expected that the memory dump files would be stored there... In other posts I have seen the comment that "the path to memorydumps is dependent on installation folder"... apparently that is no longer true, or at any rate not true for LINUX installations.

Can somebody tell me:

1. Is there any way to change the location to which the memory dumps are stored on LINUX?

2. What is the reason that the files are placed inder /var/log and not under the installation location?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello! Since OneAgent 1.199, you can control it with the DATA_STORAGE parameter. See

Is there any option to use the same on K8s linux PODS? 

Regards, Sebastian

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