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Microsoft SQL Database Availability


We want to know the status of each database on the SQL Server. Does anybody know how to get that information? I’m aware of the Microsoft SQL extension, but I’m not interested in all the metrics for each database - I just want to know that it’s up and running. Therefore, we don’t want to install the extension for each database.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I don't see a simple way of approaching this that doesn't require some form of extension. That information is pretty simple to extract from a query like:


select name, state_desc FROM sys.databases



To collect the states from here:


A custom extension could be developed to make this query and only report just these results. If you don't have the resources to develop this you can engage our platform extensions team to develop it.


Also, as a point of clarification in case it is not clear; for the existing SQL Server extension you only need to 'install' the extension once on an ActiveGate. You then need to configure it to connect to each database but you don't need to install it on each DB server itself.


Does that mean, There is a direct tunnel from ActiveGate to Database necessary ?
i.e. Firewall holes et al. ?
i.e. a UserName & password ?
i.e. is that a readONLY user to interrogate by SQL ?
i.e. What's the recommended Frequency of polling ?

I don't find this to be a valid solution when we already have the Dynatrace OneAgent installed on the host which is already monitoring the Processes and Services. 


Is there any simple way for which we can have Dynatrace, display on a dashboard, that each of our Oracle services are healthy.  The OneAgent is already monitoring Process Group Instances, Oracle Database and Oracle Listener. If either of those process group instances go off-line then Dynatrace should display a red honeycomb, indicating that he Oracle database is down.


Same concept but different criteria for MS SQL, MySQL, etc.




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