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Mobile app support for swiftui?


We want to instrument a iOS mobile application buil on SwiftUI. Will this work nicely with Dynatrace mobile app SDK?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Can find only a bit on this internally but it looks like it's not something that we will auto-instrument at least not at this time. But since it's just Swift I see no reason you couldn't manually instrument it using the iOS OneAgent SDK.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I can confirm that pure SwiftUI is not yet supported, auto-instrumentation will not work for most UI elements and needs to be performed manually. Webrequest instrumentation will still work, but automatic linking to lifecycle action will not work for pure SwiftUI apps. In some scenarios automatic linking to manual actions might work. The SDK for manual instrumentation will work.

iOS help:

Thanks for your input!

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

With the latest release of the iOS agent (8.249) we have implemented auto-instrumentation of SwiftUI. Further improvements are on the way.
For more info please visit the documentation

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