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Monitoring availability of sensors inside a WEB app ( STIBO)


We have Dynatrace one agent installed on the apache server to monitor our WEB application ( STIBO). I need to monitor some sensors inside the app that delivers data of availability via API to other Monitoring tools ( PRTG) ? What should be my next step on the monitoring implemenation ?




Forgot to mention that my idea is to have one single tool

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DynaMight Legend
If I got your question right - you need to collect some metrics or status data that are exposed by the application? In this case building a oneagent plugin is probably way to achieve that. However depending on the exposed data it might be possible to collect it also by other methods or maybe dynatrace already collects the data.

Can you please elaborate more about what type of data you need to collect?

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Hello Julius, thanks for your prompt reply. Yes you understood perfectly my request. The app ( linux ) exposed data in different formats, these are the formats: XML format and also there is a plugin for Naggios to facilitate the integration for with this vendor. So far i do not know if it is possible the integration with Dyna. Do you ? Thanks

I don't know anything about your application, but I can imagine at least some of the information can probably be collected by using request attributes or is already available in Dynatrace.

If this is not the case, then you have basically two options:

- Collect the data by yourself in a script and push the data to Dynatrace using API (Custom device)
- Write a oneagent plugin and collect the data in the plugin code. With Oneagent plugin you can push the data to the process as new metrics or events.

What kind of data is exposed?

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Julius. The type of data available in the system via API could be in these 3 formats :

1.- Simple strings values

2.- Full XML.

3.- Nagios plugin output

The data i am interested to fetch is the status of the OIEP´s ( Outbound Integration End Points ) , the four possible status are:



OK and


At the end, this data is being read by a different monitoring tool ( PRTG) and i want just to display the information on Dynatrace and create alerts only when the status is Critical.


Hi Again, after investigating a bit, i think i found the answer in Dynatrace´s support page.

See the answer below and sharing this with the community.

To get a definition of the metric but not its data points, set the includeData parameter to false.

timeseriesIdstringCase-sensitive ID of the metric from which you want to read parameters.

You can execute a GET metric definitions request to obtain the list of available metrics.
includeDatabooleanFlag to include data points to the response. Set to false to obtain just the definition of the metric.queryoptional


Thanks for the discussion, this type of interactions have driven me to find the right answer to the question i made and of course your questions and inputs as well.

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