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Multidimensional Analysis


Hi Dynatrace Team.

I have a question about 'dimension' concept in 'Multidimensional Analysis'.

To monitoring system traffic, I usually build a 'Multidimensional Analysis' by using request type.

As we can see, When I built it by using 'Request Type' as a dimension , the total count is 2410+44.8=2454.8 Dec 25 19:20,(File Name : RequestType.jpg)

But when I built it by using 'PageImpression' the total count is 2090+371=2461 Dec 25 19:20,(File Name : PageImpression.jpg)

so these are my question.

1. Could you define 'PageImpression' in dynatrace?

2. If you can define 'PageImpression', please describe what is difference between 'Request' and 'PageImpression' as a dimension to build a chart.

3. Please describe a distinguishable criteria , I mean how to dynatrace distinguish which request is 'PageImpression' and which request is now.

4. According to third image file I attached(File Name : PageImpression2.jpg), in this image, there are 'missing' text, please describe what it means.

5. Please explain that the reason the total count are different between two chart (RequestType.jpg,PageImpression.jpg)

Thank you in advance.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Page impression is actually pageview, missing parameter is responsible for encoding. Missing means that on some of pages such meta tag was not available.

Request can also by xhr and requests to other services so those numbers can be different 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you for reply. But I still have a question about Page view.

As you said, If 'Page Impression' means actually 'page view', How dynatrace can recognize whether 'Page View ' or not.

For example, please check below two request .

in case of first request(/uk/ng/p4v1/getRealTimeProductSimpleInfo) it has a 'PageImrpession' text

but when we see second request (/it/ng/p4v1/getRealTimeProductSimpleInfo) it hasn't a 'PageImrpession' text.

But I couldn't find different point when I check summary tab for those two request.

Could you explain which request can be recognized 'PageImpression' in dynatrace?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The only differences I see is referee. One looks ok like page load (this from accessories) another one is different. The question is what happend for user in this two examples because maybe one of them wasn’t page load in result?

Regards, Sebastian

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