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OneAgent Host Unit consumption


When a maintenance window is applied, is it possible to "shutdown" or "release" Host Units when the server/host is scheduled under a maintenance window with no alerting needed.


Unable to turn off the DT OneAgent Service on the server since app pools would need to be cycled when we start the agent back up.


Currently, when a maintenance window is applied to Synthetics, we are able to conserve DEM Units.




The agent is still working, only your alerts will not be identified. I suggest you create a task in shell or ansible to deactivate the OneAgent process. In a playbook you can write the timetables of your window applying non-alerting rules for shutting down Oneagent through stop service. 
Tell me if this helps you or also create a shell


best regard

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You would have to disable monitoring on that host, which would be a manual process from the UI and is not conjoined with Maintenance Windows from an automation standpoint. Or AS @Marcelo_santand stated use an Ansible Playbook to formulate some flavor of automation. 


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Sonya, 
You can use Host Configuration API to turn off/on the monitoring of the host using Dynatrace APIs. With the use of APIs, you can schedule the script which disables monitoring from the required host. The scenario we used in one of the customers for host monitoring and real user monitoring as well. 

The only downside is disabling monitoring of OneAgent is that you need to restart the processes once you turn back on if the watchdog loops reach more than 10000 in that host. 

Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.


We have known that you can turn off the DT OneAgent service on the host/server via API or UI but that is not an optimal solution for us.  Restarting the app pools on the host/server - as referenced in the original question is not possible for us in certain situations.

I understood your concern, 

May be we can use this as a suggestion to the product ideas page. This make sense for the users who wants to use their licenses efficiently. 


However, in the view of product managers and team captains, implementation of this idea might be little bit challenging. 

Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.

I created this RFE in here as a product idea,


Please vote for this so that our product team will be able to look at it. I suggest you can also ask your teammates to vote for this idea so that it gets more attention. 


Next time if you have ideas or suggestions like this to our team, feel free to suggest the idea in our product ideas page. 


Hope this helps! Thank you. 


Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.

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