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OneAgent Merge Services of different process group


Hi Team,

Need help to merge Services in OneAgent.

We have 2 hosts having 5 instances of same Application process on each host .

So we have total 10 instances of same Application .

But OneAgent Auto-detected all these Processes in Different process group .

We have Same Service Name in all instances .

As per documentation to Merge Service we need same process group but we have different process group.

Please find below snapshot for details

Please suggest

Thanks & Regards,

Jalpesh Shelar


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jalpesh,

You can set a process group detection rule to group all processes into one process group. If you have a property that is equal among all processes, and Dynatrace can use it to composite new process groups, it would form one process group and enable you to merge the services.


Hi Sia,

Thanks for reply.

With Process Group Detection Rule we can group all processes into one process group.

But in same environment we have other Auto-detected process groups properly .(only concerns with WebSphere process)

So this custom process group detection rule will affect on previously Auto-detected process group ??

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Jalpesh,

It is possible to only apply this process group detection rule to WebSphere processes. It is also possible to use other properties that are equal among all the WebSphere processes and use them in the detection rule.Then if you restart the WebSphere processes it should be re-composited based on the detection rule you set.



Hello @Jalpesh S.

did you find a way to group the websphere process correctly?

we have a similar situation - we see several identical services on different WAS processes

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This can be done by going into Settings>Processes and containers>Process group detection:

Let me know if you need any assistance


Thanks, where it is - it’s understandable. The question is what common identifier to use for WAS.

Tell me which one did you use?

I would use a process property, then expand each Process's properties and find the commonality between them. Like Command line args, EXE name, and so on


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