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OneAgent Traffic Logged in ActiveGate Logs?


We have a SaaS implementation, utilizing environment AGs to collect the OA traffic before sending to the dynatrace cluster in AWS. Is there any log on the AG side that would show the OA traffic that it has been receiving? I am aware of the netstat command to look at port 9999 to view live at the moment traffic. I'm hoping there is a log that retains information around all the OA traffic that has passed through the AG, just as another way of verifying that HOST_A has indeed been talking to AG_1 for example, rather than relying on what the UI says. I don't want to use what the tenant is saying in the deployment status or what the OA may be configured for, I'd like to verify on the AG side if possible.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You can pull the logs from the Dynatrace Oneanget on the host. Also if you have the Oneagent on the ActiveGate you can also pull those logs, otherwise you will need to remote into the AG and go down the install folder tree to your logs. 


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