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OneAgent filling up diskspace with logs, even when not connected to AG's


As per the Applications business process, to enable connectivity between OneAgent and ActiveGates, Firewall approvals need to be acquired.

Due to the approval cycle delay, before establishing the connectivity, it was observed the space allocated for OneAgent on the App servers are getting filled. OneAgent logs shows, it is attempting to connect to AG's frequently, eventually which are getting failed.

In such scenario's do we need to reinstall the OneAgent post firewall approvals? As we've seen in a few servers that even after stopping the OneAgent services on app servers, logs are still being created. kindly assist, as reinstalling the agents had to go through long business processes and approvals again.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It would depend on how you are deploying and the entities in which you are monitoring. For example when you deploy, some organizations list out all the AGs and their ports which stricts where the hosts OneAgent communicate out to. Are you doing the deployment out of the box or are you using some form of custom deployment method at your organization?


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