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OneAgent roll out approach


Hello all.

Is possible to install the Dynatrace OneAgents and left them as stopped (OneAgents not monitoring and notlaunching traces to Dynatrace ActiveGates). Later, we will like to start (on demand) the OneAgents.

The key point is that we don't want to stop the current monitoring agents and platform (not based on Dynatrace) until we validate the OneAgent and platform.

Are there any guideline/recommendations from Dynatrace for rolling out new OneAgents (considering other monitoring systems are up and running in the transition) ?

Many Thanks!



You could roll them out as half stack and then flick them all on as fully monitored later on when you are ready, or turn it off completely and then turn them fully on when you are ready

Many Thanks Chad T.

I would really appreciate if you could refer the technical procedure for rolling out as "half stack", and for switching on to "fully monitored".

Thanks in advanced!

Hi Jose,

Building on what Chad stated, I am in the process on implementing OneAgents in infra-only mode, later moving on to full stack, at my client's site.

Infra-only allows you to see the hosts and monitored processes without injecting into the processes or removing other agents (in my case the older AppMon agents).

1. Download the OneAgent from the "Deploy Dynatrace" page, diasbling the "full-stack" flag.

2. Run the installer. Disabling the tag changes the parameter Infra_Only=1. Note, don't forget to add the host group.

3. Check on the "Deployment Status" page to see if the host appears.

This is the point where you would do your validation and remove the older agents.

4. Then when you're ready to move onto full-stack, all you have to do is go onto the host's settings > click into the Monitoring Mode tab, and switch the "Full stack monitoring enabled" toggle on, and restart your processes.




Thank you very much Chad, Yasmeen.

Please let me raise other question, related with first question:

- Imagine we develop a dashboard en Preproduction environment, could be possible to export/import this Dashboard on Production environment (different Management zones) ?

On this way we could also minimize the impact on switching off current monitoring system (based on other monitoring systesm) and switching on new dashboard on Dynatrace.

Any suggestion or ideas on this way ?

I really appreciate your feedback and references.

Many Thanks.


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