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Oracle DB Monitoring

Hi All,

what capabilities does Dynatrace SaaS offer in terms of Oracle Database Monitoring. I am keen to understand which are the monitored metrics in terms of performance. Could additional plugins be uploaded to improve further the monitoring of database?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Konstantin M.

Dynatrace provides you with insights into the database load, response times, and failure rates. Even connection acquisition times can be monitored.

With Dynatrace database monitoring you can:

  • See the impact of your database statements on the response times of your services.
  • Find expensive database statements based on the service calls or user actions from which they originate.
  • Find out which services talk to databases most frequently.
  • See how much load is placed on your databases by individual services.
  • Understand why some statements are slow.
  • Be notified of increased SQL statement costs and execution.

Have a glance on the below link for more insight.




We also have Oracle Insights curently in EAP soon in Beta

Hi All,

thanks for the detailed answers.

Our company hasn't still applied for the EAP plugin for Oracle DB. Could we add JMX/PMI plugin thru the UI of Dynatrace with custom metrics? We want to have monitored DB time per sessions, which is the summarized time all sessions were active.

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