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PSA: Invisible chat support overlay interfere with user input in Dynatrace frontend when the chat have updates


Just wanted to share an experience.

I observed an odd behavior from the Dynatrace frontend, that sometimes caused the lower right corner to be unclickable in my browser. This obviously caused alot of problemes, since a ton of the navigation happens from that corner, when clicking the three dots for actions in a table.

I honestly thought it was an issue with my PC, but I could recreate it in several browsers and it was only impacting Dynatrace tabs.

The chat support had never heard of anything like it.

Below I have marked the area that was unresponsive and unclickable:


After alot of troubleshooting, it actually turned out the chat support overlay was the issue, and now I can tell the issue match 1:1 the size of the chat support feature on the frontend.

The problem occured when I had new updates available in ongoing support requests, and when I clicked those request and read the updates, the issues vanished. My chat support ticket often get escalated to 2nd level, from where we often use emails to continue the discussion, and therefor the old chat support window keeps getting fresh updates.

There must be some kind of invisible frame that interfere with the GUI, when new updates are pending in the chat support window.

Just thought I would share, since it was driving me crazy.

I was using MS Edge & Chrome when this occured.

Best regards.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Very interesting, thanks for sharing, I have not run into this issue and have yet to run into it but thank you for the awareness! 


Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hello @rsmsdk ,

Thanks for reporting this in our community, this can definitely help others. And my apologize for responding late. This was actually a known issue and it should've been fixed by now already. If you experience this again, please feel free to let us know here or open a ticket with Support or chat with our Dynatrace experts from in-product chat.


I'll be following this post should it happen again in the future even though we hope that this wouldn't happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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