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Parse an API call results and alert if the value is other than "true"



There is a server that I can make a call to using API that returns that status of that Applications agents.

The format of the call is: 


I am then prompted for username and password.


The results are in JSON format

(The data in example was scrubbed except for the part in red I need to alert on.)

"data" : [ {
"active" : true,
"data1" : "value1",
"data2" : "value2",
"data3" : "value3",
"data4" : value4,
"data5" : "value5",
"data6" : "value6",
"data7" : "value7",
"data8" : value8,
"data9" : "value9",
"data10" : value10,
"data11" : value11
} ],
"hasmore" : false


My question are as follows:

How do I set up something in Dynatrace to go out and do a query, parse the results, and the alert on some of the fields if I get a value other than true? 


Is synthetic transaction able to do all of that (parse the results and trigger on certain values)?


Would it be easier to do in with Dynatrace and something such as PowerShell? Such as a PowerShell script incorporated with Dyantrace?

How is that done?


Please advise and thank you for your insight on this matter 🙂





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Looks like a useCase to be used in Synthetics, you can parse a JSON and get values you want. You have an example in other post 

You can ingest values from scripts using OneAgent integration or API but I would choose Synthetics for this scenario.

Best regards

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Hi, I see two possible solutions for that:

  1. Set up a synthetic test that calls the endpoint and check the actual result
  2. build an active gate extension that polls the endpoint, parses it and writes a custom metric or creates a custom device in which storing it

Of course solution 1 is faster, solution 2 is better if we have several endpoints to be polled and you want to manage them together.


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